The food industry is not only the creator of new products but also responsible for creating waste that can harm the environment.

Much of this waste can be avoided or limited by implementing new, “clean”technologies during food processing.

This can be achieved by effectively processing raw materials that are used in full. Both materials and by-products emerged during production process. This happens without the necessity for the disposal of the waste.

Therefore, our objective is to cooperate with food producers in the following sectors:-
- Meat
- Dairy
- Fat
- Fruit and vegetables
- Grain and brewing industry

As well as companies involved in the processing of by-products without the need for landfill waste.

We are looking for reliable business partners, which is just as important economic balance, and responsibility for future generations.
To ensure the harmonious co-operation between our clients we work with international transport companies, who are holders of not only the necessary licenses of traffic, but also to have been duly certified for the carriage of waste.

We invite interested companies to contact and cooperation.